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Depression & Anxiety

Atlanta Depression and Anxiety Doctors | Elite Care

Elite Care Internal Medicine is a premier Atlanta internal medicine practice, helping adolescents, adults, and senior citizens from around the metro Atlanta area realize healthier lives.

Atlanta depression and anxiety treatment is included in our services to our patients. Although depression and anxiety disorders are different, many that experience symptoms of one also experience symptoms of the other, like nervousness, irritability, and issues sleeping and concentrating.

Depending on the case, depression and anxiety orders can be treated similarly.

Atlanta Depression Disorder

Atlanta depression is indicated be feelings of discouragement, sadness, hopelessness lack of motivation, and a disinterest in life. It is when these feelings last over an extended period of time that it may be characterized as a disorder. There are three major types of depressive disorders.

  • - Major Depression- This form of depression can interfere with everyday life, including going to work or school or even eating or sleeping. Major depression can occur once or twice in a lifetime or frequently.
  • - Dysthymia- This is a less severe but chronic form of depression, involving many of the same symptoms as major depression. It can cause the inability to derive pleasure from many activities.
  • - Bipolar Disorder- This is a mood cycle that shifts from severe or mild highs to severe lows. It was once called manic-depression.

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Atlanta Anxiety Disorder

Patients with Atlanta anxiety disorders often feel persistent and unrealistic worry about everyday things, whether it is health, family, money, or work. Symptoms include the following.

  • - Muscle Tension
  • - Fatigue
  • - Restlessness
  • - Irritability
  • - Edginess
  • - Difficult sleeping
  • - Gastrointestinal discomfort

Atlanta Anxiety Disorder

Depression and anxiety disorder are treatable by doctors with experience. At Elite Care, we will help you deal with and manage your health problems so that everyday life is easier and healthier. Dr. Priya Palliyil will formulate a treatment plan that will work for you.

Dr. Palliyil has practiced medicine in Georgia since 2004 and has been board certified in Internal Medicine since 2002. She earned her medical degree from Delhi University in India in 1993 and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, which is an affiliate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

If you need help diagnosing or treating Atlanta depression and anxiety disorders, please contact us at 770.667.0810 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Priya Palliyil.