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Chronic Illness

Atlanta Chronic Illness Doctors | Elite Care

At Elite Care Internal Medicine, we work with our patients so that chronic illnesses become more manageable.

Chronic illnesses are those that are long-lasting or, in some cases, lifelong. Typically, any illness that lasts longer than three months is characterized as a chronic illness. Chronic illnesses are different than recurrent diseases, which are illnesses that relapse with periods of remission in between.

Some examples of chronic illnesses include diabetes, hypertension, kidney disease, liver disease, and osteoporosis.

How We Help

Elite Care will work with you to diagnose, treat, and prevent your chronic illnesses.

Although not every case is the same, we leverage proven methods to pinpoint your illness and then formulate a plan to treat and manage your illness as needed. Sometimes this might involve medication while other times it could be a consistent management plan or health regimen. Our solution will have your ultimate health in mind.

At Elite Care, we will provide passionate service and attention for each patient in every situation. We believe that consistent care is also a part of the healing process and a beneficial medicine when working towards a healthier life. Ultimately your happiness is our main goal.

We also benefit your health through applying the latest advances and trends in medical research. Not only does this benefit your health but it also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that modern technology is in your corner at Elite Care.

Priya Palliyil M.D.

Your Atlanta Doctor

Priya Palliyil, M.D. has practiced medicine in Georgia since 2004 and has been board certified in Internal Medicine since 2002. She has extensive experience working with and providing healthy solutions to chronic illnesses.

Dr. Palliyil earned her medical degree from Delhi University in India in 1993 and completed her Internal Medicine Residency at St. Vincent Charity Hospital, which is an affiliate of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. She is also a member of the American Medical Association and American College of Physicians - American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM).

If you are looking for chronic illness treatment, please contact us at 770.667.0810 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Priya Palliyil.